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Sony Pictures Imageworks is seeking a strong programmer to join the software development team in Vancouver, BC.

The Character Animation Pipeline Engineer is in charge of maintaining, designing and implementing tools, workflows and low-level pipeline frameworks for both the Character Setup and Animation teams. Responsibilities would include supporting and developing some of our core character rig databases, swapping and publishing tools, in-shot tweaking workflows, as well as cross-department code involving Layout and Simulation teams. The position requires strong software development skills, with a production-minded approach, and the ability to collaborate closely with both artists and engineers.

Required Skills:
- Experience programming in Python and C++
- Experience with Maya’s mel and Python APIs
- Experience writing GUIs using the Qt framework (C++, PyQt or PySide)
- Knowledge of character rigging, animation and studio pipeline development
- Good communication skills and an aptitude for working in small teams

Desired Skills
- Experience writing Maya plugins in C++
- Bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent
- Maya rigging, Animation and referencing toolsets
- Experience with UNIX / Linux

About the Team: Front End Dev
The Front End Team is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the pipeline and artist toolsets for a wide gamut of production departments, including Story, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Matte Painting, Layout, Animation, and Character FX, such as hair, cloth and skin simulation. Typical examples of tasks the team deals with are:
- Dealing with huge environments made up of thousands of assets, and determining how best to interact with them in a software package like Maya, with multiple departments modifying the scene simultaneously.
- Collaborating closely with lead animators to identify and build specifications for tools that would help artists work more efficiently, including pose libraries, character picking interfaces, or faster proxy rig representations.
- Managing cross-application workflows, like loading assets in Mari in order to paint and publish textures, taking special care that UV layouts and naming conventions are properly respected.
- Writing tools and Maya plugins for the creative manipulation of hair and cloth simulated elements, in order to reduce the time it would otherwise take to achieve a perfect dynamic solution to an artistic problem.

Direct collaboration with artists and an understanding of production workflows, while still maintaining a balance between pragmatism and proper software engineering methodologies, are key to being successful on this team. It's also critical to be comfortable working within an established codebase, and to understand when to leverage existing solutions instead of reinventing the wheel.

To apply, please send your CV/resume and cover letter to with the job title in the email subject line.


Qualified candidates should send their materials to:

Sony Pictures Imageworks
Attention: Human Resources
9050 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Fax: (310) 840-8888

You may also email your résumé to
For Production Services Technician positions:

All artist submissions MUST contain the following:
- Cover Letter which states the position you are applying for and your availability
- Resume
- Demo Reel and/or Portfolio (if applicable to the position)
- Demo Reel and/or Portfolio Breakdown which describes your specific contributions to the work

**Please be sure NOT to send original materials, as submissions will not be returned.**

Submission Tips & Guidelines

Reel Submissions
- Reels should be on DVD or VHS (NTSC) - Beta or PAL will not be accepted
- Do not send CD ROMS or refer us to a website - hardcopy submissions only
- Reels should be clearly labeled with your name and contact information
- The length of your reel should be limited to 5 minutes and consist of the work you're most proud of beginning with your most recent work
- Music should not contain vocals unless lip-syncing skills are illustrated
- Please include a credit list explaining what you did on your reel and what software (if applicable) was used to achieve the effects
- Demo reels should be well edited and concise (less than 5 minutes).
- ANIMATORS NOTE: Please include all traditional work (life drawings, pencil tests, etc.) either on your reel or with your portfolio

Portfolio Submissions
Please be sure your portfolio is clearly labeled with your name, address and telephone number on both the inside and outside.

All portfolios should contain the following:
- Samples of your recent work
- Life Drawings
- Rough Sketches of animals and humans in movement
- Samples of your color and design sense
- We prefer artists to limit their portfolios to 20 pieces representing their strongest current work.
- Do not send original copies of your work as it will not be returned

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